trophyCanyon Velo Rider of the Year Awards

The Canyon Velo Rider of the Year Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a club member each year.  In past years it has been awarded to club members who won World, National, or State titles and even one who subsequently became a Professional Rider and participated in races in Europe, including a Grand Tour Event.  In other years the award has gone to club members who have been active and successful on the SoCal and/or National race scene.

Rider of the Year nominations are submitted by the members each year. Club members then vote on which nominee will be designated "Rider of the Year."  While there are no hard guidelines as to what makes a member eligible to be nominated for the award, most nominees have had noteworthy race accomplishments in that given year.  Given the high level of success achieved yearly by club members, it is an honor to be selected, and unfortunate that only one person wins. The lone exception to that rule occurred in 2002 and 2003 when the recipients were tandem race partners.

In recent years a club jersey has been awarded to the CV Rider of the Year which displays a yellow band on one sleeve. In addition, the recipient has their name engraved on the Rider of the Year Plaque.


2017 Christy Frazelle & George Tomasich

2016 Ryan Mongan

2015 David Stanton

2014 David Stanton

2013 George Tomasich

2012 Ed Kissee

2011 Paul Leek

2010 Carl Moler

2009 Paul Leek

2008 -

2007 -

2006 - Joe Peterson

2005 Robert Kelly

2004 Eric Losak

2003 Carl Moler and Rick Flanders

2002 Carl Moler and Rick Flanders

2001 Jorge Zuno

2000 Tony Page

1999 Garrett Collins

1998 Rigoberto Meza

1997 Kenny Fuller

1996 Kenny Fuller

1995 Miguel Meza

1994 Kenny Fuller



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