by Fast Eddie



2017SCNCA 1

SCNCA Master's State Track Championships at the San Diego Velodrome

Five events raced, with three golds and two silvers. Not a bad day at the races!

This story actually began the day after the 2017 State Team Time Trial in May. At that race our team (Joe Peterson, Bruce DePriester - from Team Velosport, David Stanton, and I) had a fantastic ride, all four of us finishing together with a pretty fast time of 50:31, and getting second place at around a half minute behind a very talented team, which contained a couple of world champions. The next day I started training for the State Track Championships to be held at the end of September at the San Diego Velodrome.

Up until that point, I had spent the entire year focusing on the SoCal Time Trial Series and the State Individual and Team Time Trials, which were all either 20K or 40K races. By comparison, on the track my individual events are usually 200 to 500 meters, including a 3K four man team event where my pulls would be 250 meters at the longest during the race.

The first half of the road time trial season (which runs from September through May each year) had gone very well, as I was posting sub 30 minute 20K times and was racking up points in the TT Series. Then I got a bad cold in December that I just couldn't shake and my times began to suffer. It wasn't until late February that I was able to get back below 30 minutes in a 20K event. Even with that setback, I was able to score enough points to hold on and win the 2017 Men's 55+ SoCal Time Trial Series for the second year in succession.

The 2017 State Individual Time Trial was one of those learning experiences, as Ryan Mongan and I rode in the Men's Tandem 90+ class, that is, until we got a puncture within sight of the finish line. We never actually got to the line, but rather spent about a half hour thinking of what might have been while we were waiting on the side of the road for someone to come pick us up. A great big thanks goes out to Carl Moler for being there for us, as usual.

For the State Track Championships, since the San Diego Velodrome was to be the venue, it was possible that a couple of the local world champion track guys might not go down, which would definitely open up several possibilities for me. So, if I was to go, I had to be ready. As a result, I changed up everything and put all my attention toward preparing for sprints and short efforts.

In the early summer, I spent several Saturdays in a row with David Stanton doing big ring intervals on GMR and GRR for power, followed by slow cadence big ring grinding from Baldy Village to Ice House for strength. I also dedicated every summer Sunday to doing multiple 1K intervals for leg speed, and at least one day a week doing standing track starts. For the last few weeks before the event I took in several rides with Ralph Bonin where we hammered up short rolling climbs for power. This, of course, was in addition to two days a week at the track, where I worked with my training partners, Deo Asuncion (Team Velocity), John Bergman (Chamois Butt'r Cycling Team), and Jim Nelms (Pinnaclife Racing Team) on the 3K Team Pursuit.

As the date of the State meet drew near, I felt I had put in a solid four months of preparation and would be ready to do what I could. In the days before the first race session in San Diego, I knew that I had good speed in my legs, but also knew that I was unfamiliar with the San Diego Velodrome and that I would have some good competition from the San Diego boys. As I thought about the upcoming races, and particularly about the first race of the meet, the 500 Meter Time Trial, a verse from the Book of Proverbs popped into my head, Proverbs 21:31, which says: "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord."

I spent a lot of time thinking about that verse. I had prepared well for the races, but understood that ultimately victory does belong to the Lord. I try not to pray to win, but I just prayed that I would be able to ride a good race, without any mistakes or mishaps.

2017SCNCA 3The reason I was thinking this way was that the first event, the 500 Meter Time Trial, is a violent event, and it is over in a flash. Any false moves and it is curtains for your hopes of victory. Here is how the race goes; first you are called to the start line, then you walk up with your cranks set how you like them, then a holder (or a machine at an inside velodrome) holds your bike, you get on the bike and lock your cleats into your pedals and cinch up your toe straps (to keep your shoes on the pedals!), then the starter counts down to the gun and you are off, violently driving your bike from a dead stop to top speed as you blast past the finish line, all in a few precious seconds.

When the gun when off I knew I had a good start. I could feel the power as I drove the bike through the first corner. I had chosen a smaller gear than the one I use at the LA Velodrome because of the wind at this outdoor venue and the asphalt track surface. The lower gear gave me a good jump, but hurt a bit on the finish as I was spinning out. As I crossed the line I felt I had done a good race. My training buddies told me I looked very fast. The good news was that the San Diego rider whose previous times were closest to mine raced on the opposite side of the track at the same time as me, so when I finished I looked across the track and could see he was quite a few feet behind, so I felt confident I had beaten him. Of course, I had to wait for all of the other 500's to finish for the results to be posted.

When they posted the result sheet, I was pleased to say the least. My time was in the 38 second range and no one else in my age group had broken 40 seconds! I was only 6 hundredths of a second off of the winning time from the next younger age group and I was also a hundredth of a second faster than my most recent time at LA, which is not supposed to happen on an outdoor asphalt track. In a word, I flew around that track! It was great to be the individual 500 meter State Champion!

2017SCNCA 4Now it was on to the next event. One of my training partners (Deo) and I had made an agreement that we would work together in the mass start races to get a gold medal for both of us, but if one of us won first, that one would help the other win a State Championship. Needless to say, when I won the 500 meter event Deo was quite pleased because that meant I would be helping him in the scratch race (basically a crit on the track), which was the next event. So we planned that at 2 laps to go I would attack with him on my wheel and hold on to lead him out in the sprint. It was a great experience, as the race went perfectly as planned, actually better, because right before I was to jump another guy jumped which allowed me to have his slipstream into which to accelerate. I did my best Dave Bell imitation (Dave used to lead me out like this in scratch races almost 20 years ago). When we got to the last turn Deo yelled at me that we were all alone. Apparently when we attacked a big gap had opened and the pack could not catch back. So at that point, I sat up and let Deo take the win while I cruised across the line easily for second with the rest of the guys several bike lengths behind. That was fun.  So after two races, two of my big goals were accomplished, I had a Championship and my training buddy Deo had a Championship.

2017SCNCA 2Our next big goal was the 3K Team Pursuit, which the four of us had been practicing for a couple of months. We were up against a very good San Diego team, but we had a solid race and beat them by 6 seconds to win that event. It was gratifying for all four of us to win a Championship together.

2017SCNCA 5Later on I also won the Men's 60+ Match Sprint. The finals of the Match Sprint were the last races of the weekend, so there were very few people left. It was kind of anticlimactic at that point, but nice to win another race and Championship nevertheless.

Earlier on Saturday afternoon, one of my training partners and I had also joined up with another rider for an ad hoc run at the Team Sprint. We did this without knowing the third guy and without any practice. We ended up getting second in that event by 3 tenths of a second. I rode a small gear in that race for fear of the wind and the track surface, but later realized that I did not need to, so I probably cost us the Gold in that race by being under geared on the final lap.

All in all it was a great weekend of racing. The promoter did a fantastic job in organizing the event. All of my training partners netted a State Championship, and I came away with 3 Gold and 2 Silver medals. As I said earlier, I truly believe that "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord."


The 2017 time trial season is now in the rear view mirror and it's time to take a look back to see how Canyon Velo faired in this year's racing. We are very pleased to report that once again, Canyon Velo made an strong impact on the Time Trial racing scene. As we review this year's racing, we will take a look back at the 2017 Master's National Time Trial Championship, the 2017 SCNCA (State) Time Trial Championships for both individuals and teams, the 2017 climbing time trials, and finally, the 2017 Southern California Time Trial Series.

Before we talk about the racers, it is important to give a huge thank you to all of the Canyon Velo members who support the racers all year long in all kinds of ways. We also want to particularly thank those who came out to lovely Lake Los Angeles twice this Spring to assist with the State championship races which are co-sponsored by Canyon Velo. We could not be associated with a finer group of people than we have on Canyon Velo. Thank you. Now on the the race reports:

2017 Master's National Time Trial Championship

At the Masters Road National Championships in Augusta Georgia on June 1, 2017, David Stanton made the national podium and with a fine time of 41:03. This effort placed him in fourth place on a five person podium, and only six seconds off of third place. This result also put him ahead of last year's first, second, fourth and fifth placed riders (and third did not ride this year)! Congratulations David! This is a fitting result and we look forward to you moving up on the podium in future years.

2017 SCNCA Individual Time Trial Championship

At the SCNCA Individual Time Trial Championships this year, Canyon Velo netted three individual State titles. Bill Langstaff won the State championship in the Super Masters Men's 70 to 74 category with a time of 44:19 over the Super Masters course. David Stanton repeated as State champion in the Masters Men's 60 to 64 category with a blistering time of 51:22. This was, however, the first time since his first race here that David went into the race as somewhat of an underdog. This was because one of last year's National podium finishers recently moved to Southern California from Texas. This rider finished on the National podium at last year's Masters National Time Trial ahead of David, so David had his work cut out for him. David, however, would not be denied, and he delivered a fantastic ride to take the State championship jersey by nearly 50 seconds.

Christy Frazelle broke an hour with a time of 59:59.9 to win the Women's Category 4 State championship jersey by two minutes over her closest competition. This was a dominating win for Christy in her first time out at the State championships. This was a fantastic result for Christy and for Canyon Velo. It's been great to watch Christy develop as a time trial rider over the past year. We all thought that she had this kind of ride in her, but thought that maybe it would be at next year's championships. Christy, of course, had other plans and took it too them! Congratulations Christy on your fantastic result!

Clint Shaffer (45+), Glenn Wells (50+), and Paul Leek (Cat 4) all rode their individual races and competed well representing Canyon Velo.

In the Men's Tandem 90+ category, Ryan Mongan and Ed Kissee experienced a beautiful day riding in the desert, only to have a rear tire puncture within sight of the finish line. The greatest challenge at that point in time became how to get a ride back to the start finish line. After standing alone on the side of the road for what seemed like a half an hour, we were pleased to see Carl drive up in his truck, only to hear Carl ask, "Hey guys, doesn't the desert have a beauty all its own?" Carl acted as though he took great delight in making that statement, although I know he was just trying to return the favor of keeping us upbeat because our race ended in that way. That being said, we had a great day on the bike while it lasted. We worked hard, we were on a very good time, and just came up a little short, thanks in large part to a piece of sharp debris on the road. There is always next year.

2017 SCNCA Team Time Trial Championship

Canyon Velo also made a fantastic impression on the SCNCA Team Time Trial Championships. This year Canyon Velo participated in four races. Christy Frazelle, Glenn Wells, Grace Choe, and Paul Leek were victorious in the 4 Person Mixed Team Time Trial, winning State jerseys by finishing with a time of 55 minutes and 23 seconds.

Clint Shaffer, Martin Venturino, Ryan Mongan, and Steve Ferriera braved an entry into the 4 Man Open category. This put them against much younger competition and even against pro riders. These guys put in a valiant effort, finishing sixth with a time of 53:10. This was a day of lessons for the team, since this was the first team time trial for all but Ryan. In fact, it was the first time trial of any kind for Martin. Steve said later that he learned that one needs to prepare for this kind of effort by racing more time trials in advance so you can learn how your body reacts in a race situation. Martin learned a valuable lesson and showed what he is made of by taking a strong pull to what he thought was the finish line, only to learn that they still had a few miles to go. Because he is such a strong guy, he was able to pull it together and get to the finish with the team.

Bill Langstaff raced in the 2 Man 120+ category, finishing on the podium in third place with a time of 57:31.

The team of David Stanton, Joe Peterson, Ed Kissee, and (friend of Canyon Velo) Bruce DePriester faced very tough competition in the 4 Man 240+ category. The tough competition came particularly from two teams, one of which had a couple of World champions and an individual State champion from the previous week, as well as a team of very accomplished road racers from Las Vegas. Our team discussed the situation, including the possibility of moving down to the next younger age group (220+), which if we had done so, our time would have easily won that category by five minutes. But our team decided that we all had enough State jerseys, and so we were willing to take on the challenge before us. From the beginning of our race it was apparent that David Stanton was on a great day. He was stronger than we've ever seen him in a team time trial. The rest of us had good rides as well. All four of us finished together in a very fast time of 50 minutes and 31 seconds, over two minutes ahead of the Las Vegas team, but 30 seconds and some change off of the time of the other team, so we ended up with silver medals. It was an amazing race. We can certainly say that we laid it all out there that day. It was great to see several of our Canyon Velo teammates helping out at the race in each of the corners, at the start line, and at the finish line. The presence of our teammates cheering us on gave us the inspiration to work all the more to put in a great time.

2017 Climbing Time Trials

Not to be outdone by the flat-landers, Canyon Velo climbing specialist George Tomasich has dominated the hill climb time trials this year. On April 1st of this year, George put in a superb effort at the "Big Bad Hill Climb TT," a race up Glendora Mountain Road over Glendora Ridge Road and finishing at the Ski Lifts on Mount Baldy Road. George won the Men's 45+ category at that race with a time of 1:54:29! And then, for good measure, George won the Men's 45+ category of the GMR TT on June 3rd, with a sub 40 minute performance, winning the race with a time of 39:40. Several Canyon Velo riders were on GMR at the blockhouse on June 3rd to cheer George for the last Km of the race. It was impressive to see how fast George can go up a hill, err... a mountain.

2017 Southern California Time Trial Series

Canyon Velo again made an impact over the entire racing season in the Southern California Time Trial Series. The Southern California Time Trial Series is a composite competition which covers results from the entire time trial season at the three regular time trial venues in Southern California (Fiesta Island TT - San Diego; Piru TT - Ventura County; and Santiago Canyon TT - Mission Viejo). Canyon Velo ended up with two Southern California Time Trial Series champions, and three other Canyon Velo riders who finished on their respective podiums.

David Stanton (Men's 60+) and Ed Kissee (Men's 55+) both defended their 2016 series championships by winning 2017 Southern California Time Trial Series championships. David Stanton had company on the podium as Bill Langstaff finished second to David in the Men's 60+ category. Clint Shaffer finished in third and on the podium in the Men's 45+ category, and Paul Leek finished second in the Men's 35+ category.


I sent my racing results for the season into Carl the other day and he replied that I should write an article for the club website on my results. As I thought about this, I thought about a couple of other riders on the team who are having great results this year, so I decided to write about their racing season and then to include my results at the end of the report. I will start with Ryan Mongan's year.

EdStoryJune16 5Ryan Mongan

This year Ryan's focus has been on short course triathlon and duathlon racing and, since he moved up to a new age group (50-54), the second half of the year is going to be full of National and World Championship races. Ryan has been racing locally and doing very well while getting ready for those high profile races - where Ryan says he will get his hat handed back to him (don't believe it, Ryan will do great). Ryan has been doing so well in his racing this year, that he has finished first in his age group in every race! According to Ryan it has been the best start to a season that he has had. Below is Ryan's summary of his triathlon races this year:

Zot Trot Triathlon: This is predominantly a collegiate race where the local colleges and universities send their teams. I finished as the 1st age grouper (non-collegiate).

Race on the Base: This is in Los Alamitos on the base and draws a large crowd. Because it finishes in a pool, it is a reverse triathlon where the order of the disciplines is flipped to run-bike-swim. Out of 906 people in total, I finished 6th overall and 1st in the age group.

Seal Sprint: This is in San Diego on Coronado island and I managed to pull off an overall win. Typically I find myself behind after the swim and this day was no exception. But I felt really good on the bike and was able catch everyone by the start of the run. Then, being scared that I was going to lose it on the run, I buried myself on the run to have the fastest run split of the day and hold on for the win.

LA Championship Tri Series (Race #2): This is in San Dimas around Bonelli Park and is a real nice venue. I finished the course in 1:50 and the next person in my AG finished 16 minutes back.

The format for each duathlon race is slightly different but the bike leg is typically 20km with runs before and after the bike. One of the runs is typically a 5k but it could be either on the beginning or the end of the event. The other run leg is usually around 2.5k. Below is Ryan's summary of his duathlon races this year:

Pasadena Duathlon: The runs and the bike course is on a loop around the Rose Bowl. I won my age group.
Spring Sprint Duathlon: This happens down by Sea World in San Diego. I was able to manage a 3rd overall while winning my age group.

Congratulations to Ryan Mongan for his undefeated season so far! He will soon be off to the Nationals and Worlds, so we will be looking for great results from these races as well!

EdStoryJune16 1David Stanton

David's focus again this season has been on the Southern California Time Trial Series, the State Championships, and on the National Championships. In pursuing these three focal points this year, David has had some brilliant results.

David raced in thirteen races this season, and came out of that with 12 age group wins and two overall wins, one overall win at the Fiesta Island Time Trial and one overall at the Piru Time Trial. The only age group race he did not win this year was the National Championship Time Trial, where he finished in the top ten, but I will say, that was after a week of being ill. He almost was not able to attend that race, but as a true champion, he did go and gave it his best effort to finish ninth.

The day that he won the overall at Fiesta Island was magical, as he not only won the overall, beating the Cat 1-2s and all of the lower age groups, but he also destroyed his own age group by finishing five minutes faster than the closest competitor! David also set personal records (PRs) this year on all three of the Southern California Time Trial Series courses (Fiesta Island, Piru, and Santiago Canyon).

David finished the season off with his third consecutive Championship in the Southern California Time Trial Series for his age group, his third consecutive State Championship in the Individual Time Trial for his age group, and we also won our third consecutive State Championship in the Team Time Trial for our age group. Now that is a triple three-peat!

One last thing, which is almost unbelievable, is to note that David raced the National Championship Time Trial on Friday in North Carolina at noon, then got on a plane and flew to LAX in time to arrive at Lake Los Angeles and take the start with our team (me, Joe Peterson, and "friend of CV" Bruce DePriester) at the State Team Time Trial at 8:16 AM on Saturday morning! What an amazing feat of teamwork and team spirit.

David has had another great year. I will say it is a joy for me to have the opportunity to train and race with David.

EdStoryJune16 2Ed Kissee

Although I have been splitting my time between the road and the velodrome for the last couple of years, this year I decided to focus all of my training on the road. I did that because I felt that I had a shot at the top step of the podium for the Southern California Time Trial Series this year, particularly since David was moving up to the next age group. I also wanted to be at my best for the State Championship Time Trials. Although I continued to ride and race the track, where I have had some decent results, I did not focus on it.
I am pleased to say that I accomplished both of my major goals for 2016. One was to win my age group in the Southern California Time Trial Series, winning the 55+ category for the title of 2016 Southern California Time Trial Series Champion. The other was to win another State Championship jersey, which was accomplished by our age group victory in the State Team Time Trial Championship on Saturday, which, as stated above, was also a three-peat for our team.

This year I also won age group races on all three of the Southern California Time Trial Series courses (Fiesta Island, Piru, and Santiago Canyon). I also won at the velodrome.

Our Stagecoach 4-person mixed team had a great time in winning that 100 mile team time trial event, both in the age group and the overall. I want to give a shout out to my teammates Christy Frazelle, Glen Wells, and Paul Leek for a great time training for and racing in that event.

Also at the track this year, I clocked a 12.105 second "flying" 200 meter time, without any specific training, which means that my sprinting days may not be over just yet. I am interested in what I could do with a little more focus there.

At the start line of the State Team Time Trial Championship race, I quoted Proverbs 21:31 to our team, which says, "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory belongs to the Lord." I do believe that and want to give credit where credit is due.

I also want to end this report by saying thank you to all of our Canyon Velo teammates who do so much to inspire and motivate each other. I appreciate all of you. Your friendship and support means a lot. After all, what we do on the bikes ultimately means little, but friendships and our relationships with one another are really what this is all about.

  EdStoryJune16 4r

by Christy Frazelle

Dbl16 1rI want to thank everyone who participated in the continued training toward the very notion of doing a double century. There is no way I would have even considered it before Stagecoach! I am still so thankful for that experience...The countless Saturday CV centuries since September 2015 have been a blast and hold very fun memories for me...So, after Rob Kelly suggested it, I thought, why not double the fun and do The Camino Real Double Century?!

Canyon Velo Eleven Strong:
The day started early, as Team CV started to arrive and gear up around 5am ready to roll by 6:30am with the “fast group”
...As you might have guessed, CV hung in just fine. In fact, in the first 25 miles or so, every time I looked up it was either Danny Davisson or Brett Chambers pulling the group.

Down to Nine:
Unfortunately, around mile 30, unbeknownst to the rest of us, Chris Morris’ Garmin decided to launch itself off of his bike which caused him to fall behind considerably. The silver lining was that Clint Shaffer was nearby so they had a 200 mile adventure together. They never gave up!!
All of which is a story in and of itself- although we texted whereabouts throughout the ride, the next time we saw them was exhausted, in the parking lot, over cold beers...I am hoping Chris M. will tell the story as it is very entertaining and with his quick wit, demands a laugh throughout.

And Then There Were Seven:
Mile 89: First lunch, and then the climbing began...good and bad timing depending who you are.
While Steve Ferreira, Richard Kwok, Chris Bergstrom, Wesley Kridle, Brett and Danny picked up the pace, I decided to stay with a couple of legends (Rob Kelly and Paul Leek)...We laughed, chatted, and enjoyed some pretty stunning scenery...This part of the ride seemed to mark the beginning of a beautiful day!

Dbl16 4rI imagine the group got split somewhere ahead because the three of us stumbled on Wes, Chris B., and soon after, Rich and Steve. We never saw Brett and Danny after that. They finished about an hour ahead of us, so I am hoping they had a great journey as well!

As mentioned before, with the (almost weekly) century training rides, the first hundred of the double did not feel much different to me. I had a “personal time goal” in mind, but I realized very quickly, if I wanted to enjoy the day and the CV family, my personal agenda had to be set aside. In fact, as I tried to rush people along at one of the SAG stops, I remember Rob smiling at me with a sucker in his mouth....”Just relax and enjoy.” ...Coming from The Double King himself, his words had an instant effect on me.

After mile 130, it all became a little blurry in my memory. I was getting hungry which scared me a little. Bars and Gu’s were not cutting it for me, and I didn't want to bonk. Thankfully, Richard, a Camino Real vet, gave me hope and told me that “Cup of Noodles” awaits me around mile 175. I think at that point we all talked about food and described everything from donuts, grilled cheese to hamburgers and ice-cream for about 45 miles.
Let me tell you, when I finally held that “Cup of Noodles” in my hand and took my first bite, it was the single best thing I had ever tasted!

Things worth remembering:
Dbl16 2r*At a stop, Wes pointed out his brother’s badge pinned on top of our 2016 kit sleeve with the TK (in memory of Todd Kridle)...It made me think of all the stuff Wes had gone through last year. I felt so thankful to be on this ride with him. His first double as well...Inspiring to say the least.

*After the group got split and we rolled up on Wes and Chris I started to worry that we lost our whole group. Seeing Steve and Richard sitting at the end of the road with smiles on there faces was like a little oasis! They had beans and they saved them to pull us through the next 25 miles!

*Around mile 145 Chris B. looked at me with tired eyes and said “This is going to be ugly...We are a long way from finished...” I watched the group make him smile and in turn, I saw him gain some momentum and pass that energy around the group telling jokes and making us laugh.

*Several times, I watched someone reach out and pat another on the encouragement and spirit.

*Antonio Pkwy hit Paul hard. Rob stayed by him and my guess is they made each other laugh and distracted themselves from the pain. After that, all I saw was Paul Leek come to the front of the pace line and pull us for miles into a pretty strong headwind.

Dbl16 5r*Our final 25 miles through The Oaks (up The Wall) and through Santiago Canyon at 6:30pm in pitch black with our lights shining bright and freezing our arses off...Rob Kelly pulled us strong all the way through to Jambo!
Like a boss. Boom.

*Lastly, as we were nearing the last ten miles of our very long journey, we came upon a gentleman who is obviously just as eager to get off his bike as we are to get off ours...He races by us at a attack? All seven of us chase him down (Steve leads the chase) we hit a red light..The light turns green —out of the saddle, it’s ON!! We race him all the way to the finish. He was actually very serious... (probably half frightened wondering who these crazy people were)...We were laughing so hard!

Bike epiphanies:
Dbl16 3r*200 miles is a long time to be on the bike, however with the right people, it’s time well spent.

*The best and most rewarding distraction to pain on the bike is a deep belly laugh with a friend.

*Seeing one of your mates in pain then in turn go to the front of the pace line to do work is one of the best motivators to not give up.

Thanks for reading about my first double! I can only hope sharing my perspective will encourage you to join us on our next adventure!

18079233476 603d9565df mFirst and foremost, several members of Canyon Velo continued to impress the So Cal peloton through the fantastic support provided to the State Road Individual Time Trial and Team Time Trial races through our team's co-sponsorship of these races.

Hats are off from throughout the So Cal peloton to our CV President, Carl Moler, for his fantastic organization of the volunteer crew which made the races possible. Kudos to the CV members who provided such great service to the racers at both State TTs.

17903076189 2210f75030 mDoug Auslander, Jim Edmiston, Sharon Edmiston, Rob Kelly, Susan Kissee, and Paul Scaglione volunteered at the State TTT, and Alex Chang, Wes Kridle (and son), Bill Leek, Nancy Moler, Mike Son, and Kevin Strand worked the State TT.

17901630410 f2c7d2d9ce mA special thanks goes out to Pat Meagher and Brett Chambers, who along with Carl worked both events. We should also not forget to mention that Rich Savitt served as the Head USAC Official at both races as well.

As to the racing, Canyon Velo again made a huge impact on the race by entering several riders and coming away with lots of medals, including eight State Championship Jerseys.

SCNCA State Individual Time Trial Report
My favorite race was the Men's 60+ Individual Time Trial where CV member, and current CV Rider of the Year, David Stanton, destroyed a very talented field to win the State Championship Jersey. Dave's victory over the odds on favorite and perennial State TT winner by over a minute was one of the big stories of the day.

18090340601 2a66994328 mThe funny thing was that at the end of his race, David was not all that pleased with his time and was really on pins and needles while we waited for the results. When I saw the results official going to the board for posting, I ran over to read them and had the great pleasure of breaking the news to the team and David that he was again the ITT State champ! It was quite gratifying to see the look in David's eyes and to see the genuine appreciation for this great accomplishment which he received from all of our teammates who were present.

In another great race, Bob Burris and Glen Wells took on a hotly contested field in the Men's 110+ Tandem event to beat a favored team to defend CV's championship in this race from the year before. Bob is a veteran at this event, but Glen is a neophyte, but just like Danny Davisson the year before, under Bob's captainship, Glen put out the watts around the course to secure the victory and his first State Championship Jersey!

17468889333 7021088cf5 mCV also had two other podium finishers as Paul Leek and his partner Dave Gibson (a regular rider on CV's Saturday ride) took silver in the Men's 70+ Tandem event, while CV member Joe Peterson took the bronze in the Men's 55+ Individual Time Trial. In Joe's race, it turned out that the winner was actually from out of the State and therefore not qualified for the State Championship, so Joe was actually in second place for the State Jersey.

We will hear more from Joe Peterson soon, as he and David Stanton are about ready to hit the big time with their 4 man RAAM team. Not to be outdone, we will also hear more from Paul Leek as I understand he is planning to defend his World 6 hour TT championship this November. BTW, the "young guy" on Joe and David's RAAM team, a 27 year old Cat 2 named Cory Lockwood, rocked the event by winning the PRO 1-2 Individual Time Trial in record time over some very significant competition!

CV member Ryan Mongan also rode a strong race, fresh off of his impressive overall win at the LA Tri Championship Express race a couple of weeks ago. Ryan put in a solid ride to finish with a very fast time in one of the largest fields of the day in the Cat 3 race against lots of younger riders.

17468856063 c1f1e34c41 mFor Susan and I, it was a last minute decision to enter the tandem race because my training this Spring has been focused on the Team Time Trial. As a result, we did not train for the tandem at all, unless you call two rides sitting off the back of the Sunday morning river trail ride as training. Nevertheless, we decided to enter for fun and were willing to put out what we could do against whomever had prepared for the event. But it turned out that it did not matter, as on the last day for sign-ups, there was still one mixed tandem category with no entries. So the question was, do we enter our age group underprepared, or enter the lower age group category with no entrants? We opted for the lower age category and in the end, raced unopposed. So... it is hard to lose when you are unopposed. I think Carl calls that "stealing" a jersey.

Susan rode great and really did a nice job staying focused on the race. I will say for my part, however, that I suffered tremendous cramps at the end of our tandem race. Because of that it took us almost as long to ride the 6 miles back to the start from the finish as it did to race the entire 23 mile course. I really haven't been in that much pain on a bike since the 2013 Stagecoach TTT (see report Ryan, Paul, and Bob will remember how much pain I was in for the first half of that race. On second thought, the 2012 L'Etape Du California was also up there in my cycling memory book of pain (see for a report on that day).

What is a Team Time Trial?
Before I report on the State Team Time Trial, let me explain the Team Time Trial race to you. The Team Time Trial is very different from the Individual Time Trial which tests a riders' individual strength against the clock. The Team Time Trial brings team strategy into the equation. In a Team Time Trial, each team's riders start and ride together, at one or two minute intervals from other teams, working together to get around the course in the shortest time.

How do they work together? The team members ride in a line, and teammates rotate in and out of the front of the group to take advantage of opportunities to draft (allowing each rider to ride at the front to block the wind for teammates and then to return into the formation to rest and conserve energy).

The time at the finish in a 2 person Team Time Trial is taken when the second rider crosses the line. In a 4 person Team Time Trial, the time is taken when the third rider crosses the line, so a 4 person team may lose one person, but must finish with 3 riders.

SCNCA State Team Time Trial Report
The sentimental favorites at the Team Time Trial were Paul Leek and his dad Bill Leek, who raced together in the 120+ 2-man event. In fact, Paul and his dad caused quite a stir, with most everyone in the TT world giving them lots of shouts and encouragement. After finishing, Paul told us that Bill was the "fastest old guy" there! We believe it.

Bob Burris, Dave Stanton, and I, along with another "friend of Canyon Velo", Bruce DePriester, had a most interesting experience in the 4-man 240+ Team Time Trial. We signed up early and then noticed on the sign-ups that other races were adding teams, but our race wasn't.

On paper, our team looked pretty good, as we had last year's 55+ Individual Time Trial champ in David, last year's 60+ Individual Time Trial champ in Bruce, a member of last year's 110+ Tandem Time Trial championship team in Bob, and I was last year's 55+ Individual Track Pursuit champ. Because of this, a couple of the guys who signed up for 120+ 2-man teams told us that they decided to race in the 2-man event because they thought that racing against us in the 4-man meant racing for 2nd place.

Because of this we had our category all to ourselves, so we decided to make a race of it by trying to better the times in the 220+ 4-man (the next younger age group than ours) and 120+ 2-man (the same age group, but only 2-man instead of 4).

In the end, we not only claimed the State 4-man 240+ TTT State Championship, but bested the time of the fastest 120+ 2-man team, and also posted a faster time than the winning team in the younger 220+ 4-man category. Our time of 52:21 beat the fastest 220+ 4-man team by 10 seconds, and outpaced the fastest 120+ 2-man team by 1 minute 53 seconds. Needless to say, we were pleased with that result.

The race itself was a typical 4-man race, where some were stronger than others and we had to really work together to bring three guys to the line in the fastest time. David, of course was super strong. I had a good day as well. Bob came off early as he had equipment issues, and Bruce fought like nobody's business to stay with us. Our fast time was really a testimony to Bruce's dogged determination to fight to stay with us, and fight he did!

Overall SCNCA State Time Trial Championship Summary
18090488651 70f0268161 mCanyon Velo received a total of 8 State Championship Jerseys and 10 podium places at the SCNCA State Time Trial Championships. Two State Championship Jerseys each went to Bob Burris, Ed Kissee, and David Stanton; a single State Championship Jersey also went to Glen Wells and to Susan Kissee; and State Championship podium places went to Paul Leek and Joe Peterson.

17903292679 914672ae72 mAll in all, the State Time Trials were a great experience for Canyon Velo. Not only was our co-sponsorship of the race impressive to all, but our racers again made a mark on the event. This is not something to take lightly, or for granted, as there have been many years where success hasn't come as frequently as it seems to have in the past couple of years. Winning or not, however, it is a pleasure to be teammates with such a fine group of people as we have on CV, to which I say, thank you Canyon Velo!

Epilog: Other Race Results of Interest
In addition to the State Championship successes, I am also hearing that Canyon Velo has been doing very well in other disciplines of late. Below are some of the recent results I have heard of:
George Tomasich finished third overall at Breathless Agony on May 2, 2015.
Ryan Mongan won the overall and the age group championship in the LA Tri Championship Express Triathlon on May 9, 2015.

Danny Davisson won the overall and the age group at the Heartbreak Double Century on May 23, 2015.

Ralph Bonin won the 50+ Planet Ultra King of the Mountain cycling series on May 23, 2015.



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