What a year to be thankful for at Canyon Velo. Almost any way you slice it, Canyon Velo had an incredible year in 2014, and for that I would like to give thanks. From the event promotions, to the rides, to the race participation, to the race results, to the new kit design, to the sponsors, to the fiscal state of the club, to the simple fact that we have a great group of people on this club, it has been a quality year for Canyon Velo.

It is the "people" of Canyon Velo who make this the great club that it is. I have been on a few bike clubs, including previous iterations of this team, and I can honestly say that this is the best bike club I have been on. I can't say it any better than Canyon Velo President Carl Moler said in his October e-mail to the club when he said: "Presently, I believe that the most exceptional strength of this club, in addition to the athletic performances, is the "character" and "quality" of our members as people. I do not make this statement lightly. This is 'not my first rodeo' and I can truly say that this is a unique group of 120 or so people in the areas of both performance and character quality." I couldn't agree more, and for each one of our members I am thankful.

Another thought on this thanksgiving theme is that once again in 2014, CV put on a superior event in sponsoring one of the most popular criteriums of the race year in the form of the Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium. CV also repeated its presence at the State Time Trials by co-sponsoring those events with another local team.

It was also great this year to work with the club leadership in helping to design the new kit for the club's 30th anniversary next year. We were all thankful to have two talented designers in Mike Son and Brian Stoner working on the concepts. Of course, the rest of the committee members had plenty to add to the process. Based on all that we have seen so far, it should be a great 30th anniversary kit that we can all wear with pride!

CV also has a great group of sponsors from 2014 to be thankful for. Many have been with the club for some time and others are just coming on board. I would like to say a special thanks on behalf of the club to Mike Boon for his sponsorship for the past several years and I want to point out that he remains with Canyon Velo as a sponsor in the form of his "Speed Tech" wheel products and services. I also want to welcome Rock'n'Road Cyclery on board as our new bike shop sponsor. Rock'n'Road sponsors several top bicycle teams and now Canyon Velo is added to that list.

As far as racing goes, I can't remember a year with so much success. This year Canyon Velo racked up several significant racing results. If you just look at the race results page of the team website, you can't help but be impressed with what you find there. I counted 15 members who won at least one bike race this year! Several members also posted significant results.

Ryan Mongan, for example, won several triathlons with large fields. David Stanton has been simply destroying the fields in time trials. George Tomasich won several impressive hill and mountain climbing events. Justin Corea completed an Ironman event in a remarkable time. Justin was also a member of a winning team at the Stagecoach 100 mile TTT (along with Henry Moreno, Glenn Wells, and Danny Davison). Glen Wells also won a couple of mountain bike races. Sue Griesbach completed the Stagecoach TTT in the fastest time ever for a female rider (on a mixed team with Paul Leek, Bob Burris and I). Paul Leek was also other-worldly in his conquest of the gold medal in the 6-12-24 hour world TT championships. Andrew Simpson, in his first season racing, placed first in one of the Ontario criteriums. Bob Stipp contributed with a win at a local triathlon. I also had a few wins in road TTs and in pursuits at the velodrome.

In addition to the above, Canyon Velo ended up with eleven State Championship Jerseys. Bob Burris and Danny Davisson, and Susan Kissee and I won State Championship Jerseys in the 40k tandem time trial. David Stanton, Paul Leek, Ed Camarena, and I won State Championship Jerseys in the four man 40k team time trial. I added another State Championship Jersey in the four man 3k team pursuit on the track. Finally David Stanton and I both won individual State Championship Jerseys, David in the individual 40k time trial on the road and I in the individual 2k pursuit on the track.

Finally, and much more important than any of the accomplishments listed above, I want to again say that I am thankful for the people on this team. You all are some of the finest people that I have had the pleasure to have known and I truly appreciate you. It is fun riding with you, racing with you, talking to you, and just being in association with you. And for this I give thanks.



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