Strange things happen to one's mind during a time trial, particularly when it's raining. Many thoughts come and go, like "Why am I here?" for example. Below is one of the musings of a waterlogged bike racer from today's race (to the tune of "Singin' in the Rain"):


We're racin' in the rain
Just racin' in the rain,
What a glorious feelin'
We're racin' again.
We're laughing at the pain
With pressure on the chain,
The monitor's on the heart
And we're ready to start.

Let the other riders chase
While we're setting the pace,
Come on while the spray
Shoots all over the place.
We're flying cross the line
With the podium on our minds,
just racin', racin' in the rain
We're racin' and placin' in the rain...

Today at the Piru TT, Canyon Velo was well represented in the race and on the podium. In rainy conditions, Paul L rode a super ride to take 1st place in the 45+ category. New member Bill L took the top step in the 65+. I also rode well enough to grab 2nd in the 55+. Three CV riders and three podium places. Nice... and wet.


Hans1It has been really fun racing time trials for the past few years. I like the challenge of the time trial. There is no one else except me against the clock. I also like the ambiance of the time trial, which is very different than mass start races. Time trials have such a positive atmosphere. I also like the camaraderie which exists with teammates who are all focused on the same goals. Since I've been time trialing, I have had the opportunity to race with some great teammates. There have been several, but Paul L, Hans J, Carl M, Tom E, and "Pastor" Bob B have been the main ones. It has been a pleasure to race with each one.

Last Sunday, as I crossed the finish line at the Piru ITT, I couldn't help but thinking about racing with Hans over the past few years. As many of you know, Hans moved this week to his new home in Oregon and we probably won't have the chance to ride with Hans that often. So, I thought I would take a few lines to share some good times I've had with Hans as a way of saying thanks.

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Isn't it great when a plan comes together?

TTT-1410-XL-smThe plan was simple. Paul even put it in writing on his Facebook page. "We're gonna Kill It.. Team OC will Rock the island." That was it. So simply stated, so difficult to pull off.

And yet, as Paul so succinctly predicted, on Saturday, September 8th, we did it. Here is what Paul's follow-up post said, "1st Place....the Island was rocked today. Thanks Eddie, Bob, Ernie...for a Brilliant Race. Time for a nap."

It was really just like that. Three Canyon Velo riders (Paul L, "Pastor" Bob B, and me) along with Ernie L from Team Pinnaclife won the annual 40k (25 mile) Fiesta Island Team Time Trial in the 4-Man 180+ category with a time of 53:03, with an average speed of 28.3 mph. We did crush the course.

We planned it, prepared for it, raced it, and won. It was really nice to see the plan come together.


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DifferentRideTUsOnce a year I do a totally different Saturday ride, the "church ride". That is what I did today. Some of you have heard me talk about it. I've been doing my church's annual summer bike ride for the past several years. Usually I use it as a change of pace and as an opportunity to bring one or more of my sons on a ride that doesn't move too fast, but has the feel of a small peloton. My older sons David and Danny have done the church ride with me a few times in the past, but for the last couple of years I have brought Bobby (the youngest) along on the tandem. Typically we start out with the Saturday CV ride and since the church is right along the route, we pull off when we get there to head over to the church ride.


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DaveB 2012For the most part my racing season is over and it is time to take a break and then build for the fall TTs and for next year. As I was riding easy this week lots of thoughts were running through my mind. I thought of many positive memories over the years. Most centered around friends, family, faith, and teammates.  Here is one favorite memory that I thought our teammates might enjoy reading.

The Olympic Velodrome in Carson once sat where the Home Depot Center Soccer Stadium is today. There is a now a new 250 meter indoor track nearby.  The Olympic Velodrome was a 333.3 meter concrete outdoor velodrome. Dave B and I spent one memorable season racing on that track. I believe it was the 1998 season. Dave and I participated in all of the weekly training races that season at the velodrome.

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PaulEdStateTTTThe team time trial (TTT) is a beautiful event. There are few things more aesthetically pleasing in cycling than the sight of a well drilled team, all in the same kit, driving the bikes forward in a disciplined TTT formation. Unlike the individual time trial (ITT) where drafting is not allowed, TTT riders use drafting as the main strategy, with each rider taking a turn at the front while the others 'sit on' behind. After each turn, the rider on the front pulls over and allows the next rider to take the front, while the rider who pulls off goes to the back, forming a single pace line. The finishing time in a TTT is taken on a specific rider in the team. In a nine man TTT, like in the Tour de France, the time is taken on the fifth man to cross the line. In local and State events, there are usually two and four man TTTs. In the four man TTT, the finishing time is taken on the third finisher. In the two man TTT, the time is taken on the second finisher.

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