PaulEdStateTTTThe team time trial (TTT) is a beautiful event. There are few things more aesthetically pleasing in cycling than the sight of a well drilled team, all in the same kit, driving the bikes forward in a disciplined TTT formation. Unlike the individual time trial (ITT) where drafting is not allowed, TTT riders use drafting as the main strategy, with each rider taking a turn at the front while the others 'sit on' behind. After each turn, the rider on the front pulls over and allows the next rider to take the front, while the rider who pulls off goes to the back, forming a single pace line. The finishing time in a TTT is taken on a specific rider in the team. In a nine man TTT, like in the Tour de France, the time is taken on the fifth man to cross the line. In local and State events, there are usually two and four man TTTs. In the four man TTT, the finishing time is taken on the third finisher. In the two man TTT, the time is taken on the second finisher.

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StateTT 2012-2aThe value of our team was impressed upon me yesterday at the State Time Trial Championships in several ways.

It was not as though I didn't see the value of our team before, as many of you have heard me say that this present version of Canyon Velo is the finest team I've ever had the opportunity to be a part of, we have the greatest group of guys with no drama to speak of and lots of fun and encouragement.

But yesterday brought a lot of that together for me.

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To borrow a phrase, "It was the best of rides, it was the worst of rides..."

The 2012 L'Etape Du California was both. It was at once the most difficult experience I've had on a bike, but also, in a strange sort of way, one of the most satisfying. I have never suffered on a ride as much as I did on GMR and on the final climb to the Ski Station, but in the end, I accomplished my goals and even enjoyed looking back on it all.

For those who don't know, L'Etape Du California is a Gran Fondo style race/ride covering the same route as the queen stage of the upcoming  Amgen Tour of California (ToC), from Ontario up to Mt. Baldy Village, over GRR, down East Fork to Azusa Canyon, then over to and up GMR, back over GRR and then up the rest of Baldy to the Ski Station, about 80 miles and 12,000 feet of climbing.

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