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by Carl Moler

It has been a while since anything on club news was posted so thought an update might be in order.

First thanks to all of you who are participating in the club rides. It is really impressive to see all those Canyon Velo Kits out there riding together.

The 4th of July rides were well attended and according to ride reviews a good time was had by all.

The Saturday ride continues to attract large numbers not only from our club but from other clubs and unaffiliated riders. There has been a concerted effort made of late to focus on the safety aspects of this ride. This ride is traditionally known as a very safe ride opportunity. The reality over the years is that crashes are rare. We want to keep it that way. I want to re-emphasize our club commitment to stopping at traffic lights. If the group must split due to the inability to stop safely then the lead bikes are obligated to not only slow for the remaining members of the pack but actually "wait" for them. If this simple exercise in ride courtesy is observed we will greatly reduce or eliminate the practice of riders running a red light and the potential for a tragic situation. It is the obligation of Canyon Velo riders to set the example and refuse to be drawn into unsafe practices by those who think the Saturday ride is the "Tour de France."

There are two Sunday ride options and both are well attended. The first group ride (Hammer Head) has focused on maintaining a fast yet safe and steady pace to the beach. This option is challenging and attracts from 10 to 25 riders on a given Sunday. The second option (Coffee Crew) is a more relaxed yet still a "brisk" ride. The stated goal is to not drop anyone. We want those who start together to finish together. There have been 10+ riders participating of late. The ride length and course will vary from week to week but will be in the 40-50 mile range. A steady 18-23 mph is maintained and safety is the primary focus. . We encourage anyone who can ride at 18 -23 mph in a pace line for 40 -50 miles to come on out. If the number of interested riders merit, on a particular Sunday, a 3rd ride option that is shorter and slower may be implemented. FYI...A number of "Coffee Crew" riders stop at the end of the ride for breakfast and social time at Knowlwoods.

Lastly, we are always interested in recruiting new members and this is a good time to join the club. We have just started the design process on the 2013 Canyon Velo Kit and joining now insures new members that they will be able to be in that 2013 Kit. We are also exploring options for dates and locations for the club photo. Members who join this year will be able to be in that club picture. Most likely the picture will be taken sometime in September or early October.  Membership also entitles you attendance for you and your spouse or friend at the club banquet in Jauary.

In closing, thank you to Pat Meager for his regular documentation of the club rides in video and photo and his regular updating of the club "flicker" site. Also special thanks to Rich Savitt for his efforts in maintaining and updating the "race results" area of the site. Lastly, a special thanks to Sue Griesbach for her timely updates of all areas of the club website.

Be safe and see you out there.



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