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EverestChallenge1EC is the California/Nevada State climbing championship. This epic event is a two day stage race in the Eastern Sierra covering 208 miles (approx 164 timed), climbing 29,035 feet in six majestic climbs. In recent years EC has been scheduled the third or fourth weekend in September; the perfect way to end a racing season.

Five of the six climbs are rated "HC-beyond category" and one is "merely" a Cat 1 climb. The Mosquito Flat climb, now third on day one, finishes at 10,250' and is billed as the highest paved road in the Eastern Sierra. The first climb on day one is South Lake at 9,835' and the finishing ascent on day two is to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest at 10,100'.


Beyond the miles and elevation gain many other characteristics make EC a unique and classic event. Attention to hydration, nutrition and pace is amplified in this event. Focus on the descents must reach a new level. You must also manage clothing changes for temperature swings of more than 50 degrees.

Another big difference at EC is the culture of the race. The event organizer is laid back and smiles, a lot. The support is fantastic. Most noted is the encouragement from all the participants to each other. Whether passing or being passed, Pro or Tourist, there are words of encouragement. Never a "hold your line!" or "do some work!" like some other races....

The views and scenery are beyond words but I'll try. How about the aspens with leaves turning golden, painted against a back drop of shear grey mountains. Then turn your head to see a fisherman's fly hit a deep blue glass surface and break the still water.

EverestChallenge2EC 2012 was special for Canyon Velo as we had five members participate.
George Tomasich
David Stanton
John Ritchie
Kelley Laxamana
& yours truly...

As we passed each other either climbing or descending the encouragement from one another provided that little extra lift to help you fight to the next milestone. Attempting this event takes courage and finishing is an accomplishment. Kelley completed two climbs each day. George and David did exceptionally well in their first EC. George finished 13th in a large 45+ field in 12:38:18. David finished 8th in the 55+ field in 13:36:07. These results are extraordinary and we should congratulate George and David. Myself and John finished 14-15 in the 55+ in 15:38:48 and 15:40:01, 1:13 apart! This gave CV 3 finishers in the 55+. In general across fields, GC times were about 30 min longer than prior year, I suspect primarily due to the additional 3.5 miles added to the Waucoba Canyon climb.

It was a great to have team mates out on the course along with support and encouragement from Angie (George) and Leslie (John). George left an impression for CV on the race. Not only was his riding exceptional, but I had other riders ride up to me (when they saw my kit) and say hey, where's George? My reply was, in front of me.

So, put Everest Challenge on your list, there is nothing else like it. You will need to be fit but it's not about what place you will finish. You may say never again but you won't be sorry you took the challenge.



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