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by Dave Bell

As more riders join in on the Thursday and Sunday morning rides, I thought it might be a good idea to remind each member the proper technique in riding in a paceline.

The ideal paceline maintains the exact same speed throughout the ride. The single biggest mistake if for the rider in second position to accelerate in order to overtake the first rider. This is NOT how it works! The rider at the front maintains a consistent pace and moves into the wind when they are finished with their pull (typically, we just get in the habit of moving over to the right). The front rider is responsible for maintaining the same speed, moving over to the side when they are finished (at the same speed), and begin to slow only after moving out of the line. The second rider DOES NOT CHANGE SPEED. In fact, the entire group stays the same speed at all times. Only the rider coming off the front slows down long enough for the group to pass and get back on. If you are feeling strong, stay at the front longer - NOT faster! If you want to sit in, stay towards the back and allow the rotating riders back in ahead of your position.

Avoid the following 5 mistakes:
1. Speeding up when it is your turn at the front - this is normally caused by adrenaline or lack of experience.
2. Staying at the front so long you slow down the group.
3. Missing rotations and then going to the front and increasing the speed because you are well rested.
4. Slowing your speed at the front before moving out of the paceline.
5. Do not move into the top rotating positions unless you plan on taking a pull at the front.

A smooth, consistent ride is more enjoyable for all riders.



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