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by Carl Moler
October, 2014


First let me say what an honor it has been to be a long time member of and president of this club for the past 2+ Years. The Canyon Velo Cycling Club has a PROLIFIC PAST, a DYNAMIC PRESENT, and perhaps even more important, a BRIGHT and STABLE FUTURE.

First let's take a look at the past. The upcoming year will be the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Canyon Velo. I was not around then, and came on the scene a few years after that event. It is a testimonial to this club's founders (a number of whom are still active members) that this club has not only survived but in fact has a long history of excellence for nearly 30 years. There are a number of current members who held leadership roles in the club over the years and are responsible for building the sterling reputation of Canyon Velo as one of the Premier Cycling Clubs of Southern California. This club has been home, since the early years, to World, National, and State Champions and club members have always had a "Winning Legacy" when it comes to the competitive racing arena. In addition, Canyon Velo has historically participated in and/or supported numerous charitable and other worthy causes through cycling. Current and future club members are the beneficiaries of this legacy and have the honor of continuing these traditions.

Presently, I think that this club is made up of a "great group of people." Certainly, we can take pride in our club members as riders and athletes because there are many outstanding riders and athletes amongst us. Their achievements competitively cannot be denied. A quick survey of the Flickr and Race Results files on the website will validate this statement. This year we had a number of SCNCA Champions and a near podium finisher at the Master's National Championships. In addition, we have had a number of notable wins and top finishes in Road, Mountain Bike, and Tri Events. Another strength shown by club members is participation in non- competitive cycling events which help to further the popularity of the sport of cycling in general and support worthy causes. These accomplishments are to be proud of without a doubt.

However, presently, I believe that the most exceptional strength of this club, in addition to the athletic performances, is the "character" and "quality" of our members as people. I do not make this statement lightly. This is "not my first rodeo" and I can truly say that this is a unique group of 120 or so people in the areas of both performance and character quality. Moreover, the club is as diverse as I can remember. We have a great mix of "club veterans" and "new blood." This combination is vital to continuing the vitality and success of any organization. We also have a dynamic mix of styles from "Devoted Recreational Cyclists" to "Serious Weekend Warriors" to "Hardcore Racers" and everything in between. So often I have seen organizations fraught with "drama and bickering" amongst members. I see no such foolishness in this club when I observe the interactions of the leadership team and membership in general. It is easy to take this cohesiveness for granted but, trust me, it is not only commendable but a unique situation in and of itself.

In addition, presently, due to the support and commitment of both the leadership team and club members, the team is in the best financial shape it has been in a number of years. This allows the club to continue to support our members as they participate in cycling events and also to facilitate the club's ability to support a number of cycling related charitable causes as emphasized in our club Mission Statement. So, while there is always room for improvement, this club is in a very good place right now!

Now let's have a look at the future of Canyon Velo. First, it is important that we maintain our membership numbers in the future. It is very positive that our club membership numbers have grown over the past few years and are stable at present. We are at a good point in that we have enough members to support our club volunteer commitments (such as promoting the Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium) while at the same time remaining small enough to have familiarity and collegiality amongst our members. It is a reality that organizations naturally lose approximately 10% of their members on a yearly basis. So, it is obvious, that in order to maintain our numbers we need to actively recruit new members. I believe one of our "draws" is the "reputation" of Canyon Velo. That "reputation" is built on both the "character" and "talent" of our membership. So we need to maintain and, if possible, "grow" that reputation! If we do, I see the stability of our club as a continuing reality in the future.

It is our plan in the future to continue to emphasize our strong club commitment to participating in cycling events that are competitive, recreational, or charitable in nature. We also hope to continue to "grow" our ability to support such efforts through our Event Reimbursement Program. We also hope to continue and grow our support of "Charitable Cycling Related Causes."

This club could not be successful without the time and commitment of our Leadership Team Members. Their continuing future involvement in the management of Canyon Velo as Board Members is anticipated and appreciated. However, it is crucial to the continuing success of our organization that we also have "new blood" join in the leadership process. We added one new Board Member this year and always look forward to adding new members who want to participate at the Board Level of Club Leadership.

On a personal note, I am committed to remaining the Canyon Velo President as long as: (1) you will allow me do so and (2) until such point as I am unable to fulfill that role due to mental, health, or geographical issues. Presently, I seem to have my wits and health and there is no imminent plan to leave Southern California. Again, I feel lucky to be a member of this club and to additionally have the honor of representing you as President. See you out there.



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