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Everest14-2wThe Everest Challenge Stage Race is a California racing scene classic. Over the years many CV members, had the opportunity to participate in this unique event, and share the experience with fellow riders...For the ones that are not familiar with this sanctioned USA cycling race, here is a little introduction: *"The Everest Challenge is every cyclist's chance to experience the same kind of climbing that "Le Tour" is famous for. Except that our Eastern Sierra climbs are longer, and our two stages are tougher, than any back-to-back stages in the Tour de France. Our three highest summits are much higher than the Tour de France has ever gone! The Everest Challenge offers a truly world class cycling experience with climbing that is unsurpassed. The scenic beauty of the Eastern Sierras is the setting for a unique and challenging race and ride for the US race calendar. The Everest Challenge is the hardest two day stage race on the USA Cycling calendar. Each day features three monumental climbs, with a total elevation gain of 29,035 feet in 206 miles. Cumulative time over the two days determines overall placing. But you do not have to be a USAC racer to come to the Everest Challenge to test yourself against these amazing mountains. Climbs are rated the same way as they are at the Tour de France, using a system of numerical ratings. Five of our six climbs are rated "HC" beyond category. Only the climb up Waucoba Canyon is "merely" Cat.1. No other ride in the United States packs so much climbing into two days. You will be climbing or descending nearly the whole race!!"

Everest14-1wIn this year's EC the weather played a big roll imposing an additional challenge to the minds and bodies of the competitors, from sun to rain, from rain to snow... First day finish was as cold as it can get! The second day started with smaller packs of riders, going over the first climb under a light rain, then barely clearing up for the rest of the day, but the chilling cold of the previous day, still fresh in everyone mind caused the riders to wear all the garments they had!!!

Everest14-5wThis year, two Canyon Velo riders John Richie and George Tomasich were there to represent our club. John finishing first in the non-competitive category with a final overall time of 16:05:40 and George finished 6th in the Master45+ category with a time of 11:57:16.

Everest14-3wWhy the EC, you ask. This race will give you the opportunity to compete with the best climbers, awesome scenery, pure air, and those beautiful leaves turning yellow awaiting for the new season to arrive! But most important is the fact that races like this one need the patronage of our cycling community, participating will keep them alive! If you love climbing, please visit The Everest Challenge Facebook page and show your support! And always, no matter what...**"respect the mountains!"

*extracted from race380
**Ed Kissee's famous words!



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