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by Rich Savitt



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by Carl Moler

…the HooDoo 500 out of St. George Utah was held last weekend and Team JDRF had another 4 mixed tandem team entered ... my rear motor was Nadine Howard a very strong young lady from Canada…

…we did very well ... rode the course (519 miles) in 28 hrs. 38 minutes and were the second overall finishers... had over 30,000 ft of climb and handled the brutal headwinds without incident ...the overall average speed on my tandem was 19.7 mph... we had a great time...

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raam2 2010 

The Race Across America has been organized and run for 28 years.  There are numerousrace categories.  Individual Men and Women racers start a few days prior to the teams to accomplish the goal of all racers finishing within a few days.  This year’s entrants represented approximately 15 different countries.  The RAAM always begins somewhere on the West Coast on the Pacific and ends somewhere on the water on the East Coast. 

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